Capitalize on Content: Top 10 Techniques for SEO Content Writing

Capitalize On Content 10 Tips and Techniques For SEO Content Writing
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SEO is about two things, technicalities and content. These two things not only go hand in hand but they also compliment each other in the best way possible, a way that delivers the good and positive outcome you might be looking for when diving into this.

Understanding how and when to use certain things will help you in the future. So, this article will help provide some insight on how you can better your SEO content writing in addition to capitalizing on it. Keep reading to find out the 10 tips and techniques!

Write for your audience first 

When writing content, it can be tempting to put a personal touch on it since it is coming from us in the first place, but that might be a mistake. Of course a personal touch is required but your content should also be in sync with the client and market’s needs.

Make your content assertive and deliver all what is informative or relevant, just make sure you do it better than your competitors. 

Keep it all under the same roof

Try to keep the entirety of your content under the same domain, that way, it all comes back to you, “it all” is supposed to mean the traffic and the credit that your website has delivered for. Do not give away your hard work like that.

So if you are running a blog, affiliating it with WordPress or Blogger may not be the best idea. Instead, you can host it in a subfolder from that same domain. Another tip would be to make sure you are always sharing pieces from your own website if you want to showcase them later on. 

Use headlines to your advantage 

Sometimes it does start with a headline; a few words would be all it takes for you to get even more traffic on that piece, so use it to your advantage. Work on intriguing but quick words for your headlines, giving away just enough to make people interested.

Of course who you are writing that for is an influence, but overall the more catchy the better. Work on a good meta description too, since it’s what shows up in search results. A good, rich, vocabulary is also important. 

Keep your phrases keyboard-rich 

Keep your content filled with keyboard-rich phrases. This not only helps keep your readers engaged, but it also helps them and search engines understand what you are trying to deliver through this content. This is very important because you cannot just use any word lightly, your words have to be well thought-out and meticulous in order for them to have the desired outcome you would want. You could also use tags to tag the relevant keywords in your content, this is usually already built in so you just have to fill in your words. 

Give your posts a structure 

Your content could be spot on, but without proper management and/or structure, it could easily get lost and end up where you do not want it. Keeping your readers engaged could happen by simply splitting up your content into smaller paragraphs or such, with catchy headlines. As for search engines, back-end organization is key!

Incorporate imagery 

Imagery here can be another great tool you can use for your benefit. Enhancing the visual side of your content will also help keep your readers engaged and focused. It will also shift their attention every now and then to a pop of color that might stimulate a positive response. The best part is that posts with images can also be pinned, which brings more traffic to your website! 

Propel content with social media 

Social media is one of the strongest, most powerful tools of this age that you can use to increase traffic on your website. Post your content once you share it on different social media platforms, and since we’re talking about sharing, that’s where traffic actually is. Sharing overall is important, so make sure all your blogs/posts have a share feature on them. 

Google authorship is your friend

Google authorship is also another way with which you can tie content to a certain author and it is relatively easy to set up, all you need is google + an account. If you choose to do this, snippets of your content start coming up when searched along with a picture. This can be great for self-promo, but it can also help with increased clicks for your website. 

Promote natural link building

 Links are known to be an important variable when it comes to SEO, so naturally link building would be too. Linking your own content again on your post ensures that readers can still trace it back to your page, even if it was picked up by another creator and/or site. But regardless, you should always aim for quality in your content so that people share it; the more shares the better. 

 Monitor your activity 

Whatever effort you put into SEO needs to be monitored for various reasons, if anything it helps keep track of your progress and the rate in which it increases with. A helpful tool for this would be Google analytics, it’s free and easily accessible too. This can show you how visitors interact with your content, which also means it can give you access to when your content is just not up to standards to what the viewers are looking for. This can give you an idea regarding what is working for your website and what is not.

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