Know When You’re Being Scammed: Main Signs of Danger

Scammers target everyone, regardless of age or background, with anything from letters in the vehicle to strange items on the hood, making it impossible to predict who they will target next. And signs of danger are not quite as obvious as they once were.

Furthermore, thieves and fraudsters are becoming increasingly clever in their efforts to get closer to you and utilize their talents to swindle or even harm you. We can only be aware of the most frequent deceptions they use. 

We learned about the most unique signs of danger, as well as what to do if you ever find yourself in a similar position.

1. Envelope strewn over a vehicle seat

Even if you’re certain your vehicle was secured, seeing an envelope on the passenger seat indicates that it was broken into. This isn’t the end of the ruse, however. You may discover a note like this inside the envelope. 

“Dear Sir/Madame, we’ve tested your vehicle’s security system, and as you can see, it’s vulnerable. So, in exchange for payment, we will provide you with a better system.”

However, it is preferable to refrain from doing so. Because giving money to individuals who threaten you encourages them to threaten you again. Contact the police and get your vehicle’s alarm system checked on a regular basis by a reputable auto service.

2. A water bottle on the hood of the vehicle

Should you find a water bottle on your vehicle hood, leave it alone. Then, drive to a car shop or the police station to have it checked to determine if your car has a GPS tracker.

This is because kidnappers and traffickers are likely to employ the water bottle trick to get you out of your vehicle and become a victim. So, should you find anything unusual on your vehicle’s hood, simply get on your way. Never get out of your vehicle to dispose of it.

3. A taxi meter isn’t working

If you get into a cab and the driver informs you the meter isn’t functioning, get out as soon as possible. Don’t let him get behind the wheel. You may be charged much more than the standard price, particularly if you seem to be a tourist.

4. Using a stranger’s towing service

If you need assistance on the road, it’s best to avoid people who offer assistance until you’re sure it’s safe to take it. Some towing firms will take advantage of people who find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere.

 So, don’t accept the assistance of a tow truck that is not the one you requested. This is due to the fact that they will almost certainly overcharge you and refuse to release your vehicle until you pay. And should you be unsure of whether the tow truck is the one you requested, call again and request the license plate number of the vehicle coming to assist.

5. Park your vehicle beside a van

It’s not always a good idea to park your automobile close to a larger vehicle. This is because it obstructs your vision, making you a potential target for a criminal lurking behind it. As a result, it is preferable not to park close to vehicles such as cargo vans.

6. Your PIN number is requested by the bank

One thing you should always remember is that a bank will never request PIN numbers or online banking passwords over the phone. So, if someone claiming to be from the bank calls and asks for your passwords and PIN numbers, hang up at once. Then, locate your bank’s phone number on their official webpage and call to inform them of the situation.

7. You’ve been requested to make a unique payment

A legitimate business will not request payment through Western Union, or any Google Play or Amazon gift card. If they do, it’s a red flag that you’ve been approached by a con artist. Also, no matter what you do, don’t pay them even if they hurry you to complete the transfer.

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