Top Bing SEO Tips that Will Make You Rank Higher Faster

Top Bing SEO Tips that Will Make You Rank Higher Faster
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Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines show the process of ranking web pages. Search results are automated and follow an algorithm. The search engine compares the user’s search query with the webpage content in its index. However, because it continually improves the algorithm, you must ensure that you are aware of the changes and apply them to your website. Continue reading to discover the SEO tips that will make your content rank higher on Bing.

Why Your Web Page Can Have a Higher Rank on Bing

Marketers troop to Google, leaving Bing with a 6.79% market share for desktop users. This percentage is low when compared to 86.64% of Google. However, since 2019, Bing’s desktop search market has continually grown by 41.03%. Traffic may have a lower bounce rate, but it has a higher quality than Google. Its users visited more pages and clicked on more affiliate links too.

In addition, many SEO techniques are the same, disregarding the search engine used. On the other hand, Bing is unique because it’s more transparent about its ranking factor. It means that your website can generate rewards with less effort if your page is in this search engine.

Here are the top search ranking factors you must consider on Bing:

1. Relevance

Bing matches the terms used in the search query with the landing page’s content, including semantic equivalents that may match precisely with the keywords used.

2. Credibility and Quality

Bing also considers the website’s reputation or the author’s credibility in ranking the landing page. For instance, content with references and citations is higher than an article not citing data sources. Moreover, the search engine may demote a landing page that uses offensive statements, derogatory language, or name-calling. It also checks for content completeness and author transparency.

3. User Engagement

Unlike Google, Bing analyzes user engagement factors to determine page ranking. For example, it checks for click-through, reformulation or adjustment of the user query, and time spent on the website. Moreover, it offers tools for insights and analytics to determine user interaction with your web pages.

4. Freshness

The search engine wants fresher and up-to-date information, considering evergreen content.

5. Location

Bing considers user location, content language, location of page hosting, and other visitors’ location in ranking a webpage.

6. Page Load Time

Faster page loads can make Bing rank your page higher than the others because your visitor will likely leave your site if it loads slower than the rest. In addition, slow page load times can offer a poor user experience; thus, an unsatisfactory search result.

7. Backlink Management

Title tags of incoming links to your webpage are essential in determining if your content is relevant or not. Moreover, you must check if your outgoing link is in Bing. You must manually submit it to boost your page ranking if it’s not.

8. Link Popularity

You must link to relevant and high-ranking websites for Bing to determine if your website is trustworthy.

9. Content Optimization

Website content optimization must have at most two keywords per page. Bing determines relevance by reading keywords, but it also checks if your webpage is relevant to the user through a language filter. In addition, you must use H1 tags and descriptive text in the outgoing links.

10. Content-Length

Your web page may rank higher if you have informative and relevant content. Compared to Google, Bing considers the content length in ranking, but you must write for your readers and not for spiders.

BONUS: Webpage Tags

It’s essential to use unique keywords in your webpage tags. In addition, since Bing shows summaries when the user hovers on the search results, you must ensure that your page has meta descriptions and meta keyword tags. Lastly, your page URL must also have a keyword and be descriptive.

Final Thoughts

Web page ranking is a challenging, automated process for all search engines. Bing uses a complex algorithm to offer the best experience to users. Therefore, not all websites show on the search result’s first page. On the other hand, the SEO tips cited in this article can make your webpage generate relevant traffic. So, why don’t you try it today? Get ranked higher to encourage more visitors to click through your content.

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